Thursday, July 19, 2012


After an exciting cab ride to the train to catch a plane the Singers 
sacked out on flight 1477.

The happiest escalator ride, ever

Pride and joy

I (Brianne) have taken TONS more photos to share with you, so click the link below to see more photos from this wonderful tour!

PHOTOBUCKET Album from TCC World Choir Games

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank every Singer and my AYS colleagues for making this such a fantastic experience:

Paige: We'd have no reason to tour if not for the musical artistry and leadership of our Music Director. Paige's hard work, discipline, and inspiration pushed every Singer to reach higher, and together they achieved ART on a world-class scale.

Ginny: The planner, organizer, driver, kid-schlepper, and logistics maven (among a million other things). Can you believe how much we crammed into 10(ish) days? Buses, planes, trains, subways, taxis, boats, concerts, meals, AYS tour gear (she dreamed up the look for the tour shirts and messenger bags, AND she created our super-cool tour logo design!), hotels, venues, registrations, and a million other things! What a huge undertaking!

Bill: The nurse, the scout, the solution finder, the navigator. Bill is the man on the street--he seeks and acquires every thing we'll need in every location--drugstores, grocery stores, bus stops, interesting local attractions and he's always taking care of everyone. 

Millie: Our fantastic accompanist is also a well-known choir director in her own right. Who else can play Rachmaninoff to Purcell & gospel to Latin music with such joy and precision, all while bonding with and supporting every Singer? Millie has been a perfect addition to our team in every way. Her musical artistry definitely helped inspire the Singers reach the gold diploma level.

Singers: Your adult staff enjoyed you so much! Your humor and intelligence, your talent and musicality made this tour a delight every day. We all feel lucky to have the chance to work and make music with such wonderful young people. Every bit of inspiration you get is reflected by the inspiration you give us!  Thank you!!!!! We love you!!!!!

I have really enjoyed taking photos and putting up Singers' posts to stay in touch with folks back home throughout this tour. I know I will come look at the blog again and again to re-live these sweet memories of our first (hopefully not last!) World Choir Games!  I am grateful to be a part of AYS. We really do bring music to life. All of us!


Singing for the folks at Potbelly's Sandwiches our friends at 
           542 S. Dearborn St. CHICAGO, IL 60605 

The staff at Potbelly's loved our kids so much when we sang there on Monday that they asked when we were coming back to sing for them again. 

Jerry (in the black shirt) was very moved by the singing because he was in a choir when he was a kid, and our performance "brought all the memories rushing back." 

Birthday Girl Sophia

Kids with the Potbelly's Crew

Navy Pier

Architecture Tour

Hannah with the "corn cob building"

Singing for the boat tour

Our Architectural Tour Guide loved every second of the performance!

Fashion photos for Pizanos and Blue Man Group

Bill sampling the gnocchi

Toasts, wonderful food, and a great time was had by all

Blue Man with Josh, Sara, and Sydney

Joey (fem) and Blue Man

  The post-storm trek to the subway for our final sleep in Chicago